Images from April 2003

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Eric Fletcher

© 2003, Eric Fletcher; DSCN7469.JPG
990.52 KB; 2048x1536x24(RGB)
April 4. Ted with Katy.
2003-04-05 23:30:44
© 2003, Eric Fletcher; DSCN7518.JPG
1091.84 KB; 2048x1536x24(RGB)
April 13. Katharine on Drum at the edge of the sandpit.
2003-04-13 15:29:52
1072.69 KB; 2048x1536x24(RGB)
April 13. Ah yesss... nothing like sand under the skin to remove that winter hair! Whiskey on a roll.
2003-04-13 16:20:54
© 2003, Eric Fletcher; DSCN7535.JPG
366.21 KB; 2048x1536x24(RGB)
April 13: Pat and Katharine take Chico on a stroll in the bottom of the west field.
2003-04-13 18:48:48
© 2003, Eric Fletcher; DSCN7549.JPG
1096.66 KB; 2048x1536x24(RGB)
April 17: This is why rock gardens like coffee... our morning ritual.
2003-04-17 09:01:44
© 2003, Eric Fletcher; DSCN7551.JPG
1117.20 KB; 2048x1536x24(RGB)
April 17: First garlic spikes appear from under the shavings.
2003-04-17 09:04:28
© 2003, Eric Fletcher; DSCN7553.JPG
1149.24 KB; 2048x1536x24(RGB)
April 17: Chico chasing grass stems on the garden entrance (and only a few metres away from a lovely fresh sprig of catnip!)
2003-04-17 09:04:56
© 2003, Eric Fletcher; DSCN7559.JPG
1081.20 KB; 2048x1536x24(RGB)
April 19: One coat of Deck-be-gone© and your deck problems are behind you!
2003-04-19 14:55:42
© 2003, Eric Fletcher; DSCN7561.JPG
1080.16 KB; 2048x1536x24(RGB)
April 19: No seriously Edna, we really do have a plan...
2003-04-19 18:04:52
© 2003, Eric Fletcher; DSCN7562.JPG
978.87 KB; 2048x1536x24(RGB)
April 21: Winter habits are hard to break. Tigger in the leather lounger.
2003-04-21 15:36:12
© 2003, Eric Fletcher; DSCN7567.JPG
1051.12 KB; 2048x1536x24(RGB)
April 21: Outer: Ruth & George; inner: Gord and Vivian -- with a windblown Eric behind.
2003-04-21 15:37:40
© 2003, Eric Fletcher; DSCN7569.JPG
1038.02 KB; 2048x1536x24(RGB)
April 24: On a chilly morning, Drum's sheet keeps her cozy -- and looks so debonair!
2003-04-24 18:42:56
© 2003, Eric Fletcher; DSCN7582.JPG
1050.17 KB; 2048x1536x24(RGB)
April 27: A jewel beetle presents some of the first green of spring -- here examining a piece of deer dung.
2003-04-27 12:29:48
© 2003, Eric Fletcher; DSCN7584.JPG
1196.43 KB; 2048x1536x24(RGB)
April 27: Katharine and Wayne Sawchuk at our lookout.
2003-04-27 12:36:56
© 2003, Eric Fletcher; DSCN7620.JPG
1118.11 KB; 2048x1536x24(RGB)
April 28: Katharine and Carol Horne with the first daffodil blooms of the 2003 season.
2003-04-28 16:25:18

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