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We have more pictures than we know what to do with! Every so often, we get into a mood to watch slides or clean out older trays... And sometimes we’re inspired to scan a few images for this part of our site. In most cases, the thumbnail images are linked to larger versions and the download size is shown in parentheses.


On the beach (118K)

May 1999: Laurie and George at a Georgian Bay beach near their Kincardine-area home. The water is so clear and the rocks are so round... In the far background, the white buildings are the Bruce Nuclear plant.


New Millennium? (104K)

New Years 2000: Laurie reading a new Rupert book to David and Trevor in our east room.




Thanksgiving 2000 (118K)

Thanksgiving 2000 up at the cottage. Eric, Trevor, Laurie, Mom, Dad, David and George; picture by Katharine.


Archie?? (43K)

August 2000: Now who is that guy and isn't his hair a bit too thick??? (It looks good on you Greg!)

“And over here...” (112K)

August 2000: So if you had an orchard like this, wouldn't you give tours too? Steve in his element during Mom & Dad's 50th anniversary celebrations in Summerland.


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