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Why can't we ever seem to get enough of it?

We seldom need much of an excuse to head off on yet another trip. We like to tell others about places we think they'd be interested in - but also if we think they wouldn't like it!

Our tastes are eclectic: some trips are adventurous with very little pre-planning; others are well-choreographed. And while we don't mind roughing it, we do enjoy a bit of luxury now and again.

Check our links for more details about specific places. But we've included a few teasers here...


Katharine at King Mountain in Gatineau Park with Ottawa Valley in background
Katharine at King Mountain

Close to home (near Ottawa, Canada)...

The best views of Ottawa are from the ridges in nearby Gatineau Park. Katharine's book will guide you along the rigorous Wolf Trail or easier King Mountain for spectacular views. From the parking lot at Champlain Lookout, its an easy half-hour walk to Western Lodge where you can enjoy a picnic lunch as you look out over the Ottawa River and valley. And it isn't all just scenery: the Park is full of wildlife and history too... the walk to the ruins at Meech Lake is one of our favorites.



The Ottawa Citizen, Travel section January 2, 1999

Within a day's drive...

Immerse yourself in Montreal's fascinating history at Pierre du Calvet, one of the best B&Bs we've ever stayed at. Benedict Arnold and Benjamin Franklin stayed here once... You'll be right in the heart of Old Montreal and, if you cross the cobbled street, you can climb up to the steeple of Notre-Dame-de-Bonesecours for a unique view of the old and new city. For the inside scoop on many more Québec destinations, you'll need a copy of our Québec Off the Beaten Path book!



The Alaska Highway at Muncho Lake, not far from where we horse trekked in 1999

Within Canada...

The Alaska Highway was punched through daunting topography in record time for the war effort in the 1940s. Most workers could hardly wait to leave after enduring rough wilderness camps while working in bitter cold or buggy, swampy conditions. But thanks to their efforts, today you can linger and enjoy yourself at the many excellent campgrounds, RV parks or hotels. Outfitters offer a host of options to venture away from the highway for true wilderness experiences. And, at these latitudes, summer days are long, so why not finish them by relaxing in a natural hot spring?


Russell Falls, Tasmania

Across an ocean...

Oh, where to start? Well, from here, Tasmania is about as far away as we could get. While on a trek in Nepal, a young woman from Hobart suggested we "drop by" if we were ever in the area. A few months later we were - so we did! From the sand dunes on the southern beaches, the next landfall is Antarctica - and the water feels like it only just melted...

But there are other oceans too... Coming in to Heathrow in the morning, the misty landscape below is Wales - only a few short hours away by train. A magical place, and an ideal start to an exploration of the United Kingdom.



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