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St Patrick’s Day 2001

Sunny and -5C; a good day to finally prune some trees and get out to enjoy the promise of spring!

We’ve really been enjoying our new Tubbs snowshoes this year. The harnesses are quick to put on and the aluminum grips make climbing hills easy. The “footprint” is smaller than traditional snowshoes so it makes it easier to hike through bushy areas.


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With the snow so deep still, we got quite a different view of the crowns of the trees for pruning. Mind you, we will probably have to do a bit of finishing up later when the snow melts and exposes some of the lower limbs!
Up on the hill in the back, some pileated woodpeckers have been busy! Although we have had lots of snow this year, there are a lot more seeds than normal too so the birds have done well. 20010317woodpecker1.jpg
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Some squirrel will probably find this a perfect spot to hang out on a hot summer day!
Here’s a view looking down at the yard area from the cliffs on the east side. The 2 pines in the lower left are in the new clearing we’ve done east of the pond to get ready for the horses. It adds about an acre and provides the means to access the east field. 20010317yardview.jpg
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Katharine feeding Whisky, Andy T (not ours) and Drum. The horses will be at Evita’s place until we have grass available - and fences ready!

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